Leverage Robotic Process Automation in Your Workforce.

Blue Prism is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tool that holds the capability of a virtual workforce, powered by software robots.

Blue Prism's Features

  • Workforce of
    Digital Workers

  • Work Distribution and
    Queue Management

  • Drag & Drop

Introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Blue Prism

Developers created Robotic Process Automation Software to reduce the cost and errors experienced in a vast majority of back-office operations and service centersThese activities and tasks involve people performing mundane and repetitive tasks that, if adequately mapped out, can be replicated by what is known as software robots, bots, or digital workers.


RPA allows for a wide variety of tasks to be executed in a highly predictable fashion, automatically by its bots.  

robot carrying a Blue Prism cardboard box on a blue background
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Additionally, in case of an increase in the number of tasks or wide variety of processes needing automation, enterprises have the option of deploying more robots with Blue Prism.  

From a process perspective, RPA is suitable for structured and semi-structured processes involving a wide range of functions.


Everyday activities that drive the need for RPA

  • Entering or extracting data from multiple systems.

  • Repeating data entry (entering the same data into more than one system/location).

  • Collating and searching for data in spreadsheets.

Why Blue Prism?

Incorporating Blue Prism into your technology solutions will unleash the power of human potential within your organization! 

Blue Prism recently introduced the “Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX),” providing a plethora of information and access to third-party applications ranging from the following: 

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Business Analytics Applications 
  • Optical Character Recognition platforms 
  • Complementary Products Enhancing the Value of an RPA Deployment   

Blue Prism was the first Robotic Process Automation vendor and coined the phrase RPA.

  • Blue Prism (BPRMF) has been traded publicly since its IPO in 2016, and its current market cap is over $1.1B.   
  • In the last two years, Blue Prism grew its customer base in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and maintained its stronghold in the EMEA region.
  • In addition to its strong global footprint, Blue Prism has the largest community of product users and experts. 

More activities that can benefit from RPA

  • Reconciling, comparing or matching data. 

  • Addressing simplistic, low-complexity decisions via rules engine or algorithms. 

  • Repeating rules-based processes.