Robotic Process Automation

Robots for hire. No HR onboarding required. Digital Workers are software-based robots that automate highly transactional or complex business processes to save human worker’s time to do more impactful work.

Robotic Process Automation
Robot using laptop

MCCi Solution

Meet Your Digital Workforce.

People want to make a difference and do more meaningful work. To empower your employees, leadership must leverage the use of technology to automate and create scalable environments. Digital Workers are able to be configured and deployed in a manner that allows them to execute process tasks anytime, day or night. At the same time, your employees can spend more of their time being strategic and making a positive impact on your organization.


What Processes are Best Suited for RPA?

RPA is suitable for most businesses, however, choosing the right ones is important. If your process does not check all the RPA boxes, don’t be disappointed. We provide many business process automation options.

High Volume

Processes that have a high volume, fluctuate with demand or a backlog.

Repetitive & Manual

Employee tasks that involve rekeying of information or consistently doing the same the over and over again.

Rule-Based Processes

No additional skills or knowledge is needed to make a decision in the process.

Highly Staffed Process

Processes handled by a high number of FTE’s.


Collin County Unleashes the Power of Employee Potential.


Does RPA replace human workers? Tim Nolan of Collin County believes “with the change management processes, we always have ideas of ‘well, if we have a digital worker, then we don’t need the worker.’ But that isn’t true; our argument always is the worker can do other things like their actual job. If you spend so much time doing the menial work, you don’t have enough time to do the stuff that matters.”