Reduce the Cost of Compliance With Records Management

Records Management supports the automatic enforcement of consistent, organization-wide records policies, and reduces the cost of regulatory compliance with low/no-code workflow tools.

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MCCi Solution

Records Management, not to be confused with Document Management, simplifies the lifecycle management of business records without interfering with your organization’s line of business. Laserfiche is an extensible platform that easily integrates with other software products to become your central repository for all your critical content.


Why Choose Records Management?

Below you will find features and capabilities you can receive by implementing, Laserfiche, a composable content management platform. It’s easy to see why we are industry leaders by enabling organizations like yours to work in paperless environments!

Retention Schedule

A retention schedule standardizes the types of records your organization manages and how long they need to be kept.

Retention Policies

Retention policies ensure that records are discarded promptly to reduce risk and keep your records clean, coordinated and secure.

Records Infrastructure

Records are only as good as they are accessible. Your records should be easy to search, retrieve, and always update.

Configurable Security

Access levels to specific documents or folders should be easy to manage and aid security in your organization.

Audit Support

It’s important to demonstrate that you followed regulations correctly after the end of the retention period. An audit trail is invaluable for your organization.

Data-Driven Decisions

Records Management improves access to information for more informed and consistent decisions.

MCCi Solution

The Power of Enterprise Records Management

In serving a population nearing 70,000, the City of Georgetown needed to find a more efficient way to process and store their paper documents while staying compliant with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

“The city’s Laserfiche solution has served as our shared document repository. After a pilot project using records management, we scaled up usage and expanded it to departments,” said Matt Kunkle, records coordinator, City of Georgetown.


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