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Records Management Overwhelming School Districts

stressed female sitting at a table

White Paper

stressed female sitting at a table

A significant shift to digital teaching and learning in schools has developed an additional digital traffic load for teachers and faculty, hidden from normal view. The result is an overwhelming increase in the traffic load of digital paperwork. Digital processes are “harder” for several reasons. However, using the right technologies could make that process much more manageable.

Contributing to this sense of overwhelm, 62% of teachers cited having to manage after-hours work, a role shift in the past year, according to the April 2021 Teacher Digital Transition Survey by the Learning Counsel.

To fix your school’s digital traffic jams, realize first that things can look like they are “digital” when they are merely digitized. Without the proper routing and sophistication, your digital processes are more challenging than just doing it with paper the old-fashioned way.

Learn how to stop the digital traffic jam by downloading our white paper in the form.