Combat Multiple Pain Points within Your Organization.

As the largest content services solution provider of Laserfiche, we pride ourselves in making waves of positive change for our clients. In every industry, we still process a ton of paper and we know that we can help your organization start processes in the cloud from the beginning and move that information through your business processes. Everything from records management, employee onboarding, human resource management, admissions, student records management, managing loan payments, to automation and integrations with existing software are just a few of the areas Laserfiche can improve your processes.

Key Features Include:

  • Electronic

  • Records

  • Disctrictwide
    Process Automation

  • Automated

How We Help

  • Easy to Configure Integrations with Existing Software
  • Streamlining HR Onboarding Processes
  • Business Process Configurations
  • Individual User Permissions
  • Multi-department Task Routing
  • Automating Accounts Payable Process
  • Automating Workflows Campuswide
  • Records Retention Schedules
  • Secure, Central Storage
Watch How Bryan ISD is Transforming Their Business Processes

Featured Presenter: John Rokenbrod, Bryan ISD, Software & Records Analyst and Records Management Officer. Watch the entire 42-minute recording to learn more.

Laserfiche for K-12 Education

Bryan ISD (TX) managed to combat multiple pain points within their school district and so can you! Watch an impactful, recorded webinar with an experienced Laserfiche guru, John Rokenbrod, who is successfully implementing multiple projects within his school district.

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • Using Laserfiche as a Content Services Solutions Platform
  • Automating the HR Onboarding Processes
  • Managing Student Records for Court Orders & Subpoena Processing
  • Streamlining Requests & Approval Processes
  • Blueprints Storing & Sharing
  • Best Practices & Lessons Learned
Workflows for Sharing Forms & Creating Folder Structures

Bryan ISD is planning HR Onboarding improvements, for internal and external experiences. Watch this 18-minute clip to learn more. 

Human Resource Onboarding

This section of the agenda covers how Bryan ISD is building its new HR onboarding processes. Under the new process, the HR Receptionist will be able to enter employee names, class or types, attach copies of documents to the form and submit to create tasks for the responsible staff members through Laserfiche Workflow. The HR staff member will be able to select orientation forms, enter new employee email addresses, verify passwords for access to forms, and complete relevant orientation forms while establishing the personnel’s folder structure. In this recording, John compares their old process to the new process. Once forms have been submitted, he’ll walk you through the next steps the department and Workflow will handle, such as:

  • New Employee Benefits
  • Signing Digital Contracts
  • Uploading I-9 Supporting Documents
Processing Student Records

Bryan ISD receives one to two subpoenas a week and approximately 20-30 court orders generally come in for juvenile records as well. Watch this 13-minute clip to learn more.

Handling Court Orders & Subpoena Processing

Each request is given a timeframe from one week up to 60-90 days to process the information to complete the student records request. These requests are time intensive and highly detailed. First steps are to gather the information needed before a form is submitted to staff members who have access to the details needed to complete the process. Examples of the types of things that are requested are:

  • Video Surveillance at School or on a School Bus
  • Health Records
  • Discipline Reports
Building Blueprints: Store & Share

Watch this 2-minute clip to learn more.

Sharing Blueprints with Multiple Parties Involved

Laserfiche can apply to any industry. We all process documents, hire and onboard people and conduct performance reviews and we can do it from anywhere. Having mobile access for Bryan IDS’s maintenance division is essential, especially when new construction projects commence.

Bryan ISD has extensive building project bonds. They originally scanned the blueprints because they wanted to share them with the maintenance department so they have the blueprints available on the go. Being able to zoom in and see things clearly will help the department too. As long as they are within range of the district’s wi-fi, they can access the records. They’re looking forward to having a secure file sharing option from Laserfiche soon too.

Read More About How Bryan ISD Transformed the Employee Onboarding Process

Bryan ISD HR department estimates that it has reduced its annual staff costs associated with document management by over $350,000, as compared to their previous paper processes.

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