Digital Solutions for K-12 Education

School support staff and administrators have enough on their plate to worry about – manual processes shouldn’t be one of them.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

Paper is a Thing of the Past.

Electronic forms and integration with your Student Information Systems (SIS) and ERP solutions enable schools to operate efficiently without the worry of shuffling paper records between staff, teachers, students, and every school in your district.


Introducing: The Digital School District

Cutting-edge technology and the right vendor allows school districts to transform to better operate, respond, and serve their students.  

End-to-End Processes Automation

Digitize paper and processes across your school district.

District-wide Scalability

Maximize automation in a centralized solution.

Rapid Deployment

Easily create and update processes.

Collaboration Enablement

Provide access to conduct business anytime or anywhere.

Efficient Delivery

Spin up digital workers, services, workflows, and electronic forms on demand.

Contactless Service

Reduce office foot traffic through automated, paperless processes.


Create your Business Continuity Plan for a pandemic, health responses, and natural disasters.

Empowered Self-Service

Empower teachers and parents with self-service options to find what they need and when they need it.



“We had a tremendous amount of paper that flowed between different buildings and departments, but no way of tracking it,” said Dave Croney, a business systems analyst at Kennewick School District in Washington. “So, by setting up our first electronic form, we cut down the time to complete the process with all of the approvers that need to be involved. It could take up to two weeks; now, it’s done in less than a day.”

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