Contract Management

Streamline the entire lifecycle of contracts from internal contract requests to final signatures.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

Track and Automation Contracts Approvals.

Complex contracts involve cumbersome administrative work. Automating contract approval processes allow your staff to better operate, respond, and serve your employees and customers. From insurance policies to vendor agreements, your staff can work efficiently with a streamlined system.


Why Automate Your Contract Management?

It’s easy to see why contract managers like you prefer to work in digital environments!

Expedite Contract Approvals

Track responses and changes between all stakeholders.

Records Retention

Retain contracts as required by industry and corporate regulations.

Search Finalized Contracts

Instantly find items when an auditor or third-party requests information.

Audit Trails & Reports

Automatically search for contracts with missing signatures and other information.


An automated contract management process reduces the administrative burden on employees, and the technology behind automation improves productivity without requiring extra staff. See how the process works from creation to completion of digital signatures.



“The customer knows how to locate the form – it’s intelligent routing! We work with the city manager and his office and have thresholds built in there so that if it’s $90,000 and below, a DCM can sign off on it, and if it’s above, the city manager can sign off on it. It’s been beneficial and [created] a huge gain in [our] efficiency. Before, it was an admin having to walk to 12 different departments to get signatures. Now, it’s entered, routed, and I get an email that lets me know I have contracts to fill out. I review it, sign it, and it goes to the next step, which may be [sent to] legal, budget, and so forth. That saved us tremendously,” says CIO, Dwayne Campbell.