Digital Signatures

Imagine eliminating courier services and the need for scanning and indexing paper forms and signature pages. Digital signatures are the electronic version of traditional “wet” signatures and proven to speed up signature turnaround times.

Digital Signature
Signing a tablet

MCCi Solution

Never Search for Ink Pens Again.

Adopting digital signature technology within your organization allows you to take control of your documents and processes. The lingering concern for whether or not your back office staff indexed files properly, or recognized a signature missing while conducting a manual reviews is whisked away. Digital signatures eliminate document errors by incorporating workflow rules into the automated process, and the intelligence added to this process prevents forms and documents from being submitted when they are missing signatures or data.


Why Use Digital Signatures?

Our Digital Signature solution handles all aspects of the signing process for you. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that documents are secure throughout their lifecycle.

Ease of Use

Ensure greater user adoption with a seamless e-signing experience.


Protect your users and documents against fraud with military-grade digital signature technology.


Strengthen your compliance and deter legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails in the market.


Scale digital signatures across your organization and channels – quickly and cost-effectively.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the need to manually prepare, ship, and archive paper document packages.


Integrate with other third-party applications with an open API, fully supported SDKs, and connectors with Laserfiche, Salesforce, Office365, and more.


Embrace Digital Signatures

OneSpan Sign supports a broad range of options to verify the identity of signers prior to giving them access to documents. Unlike most e-signature solutions, OneSpan Sign uses digital signature technology to tamper-seal documents after each signer and invalidates documents if any changes are made. This built-in security ensures the integrity of the e-signed document.

OneSpan Sign makes it easy to access details about the transaction to prove compliance. Audit trails are permanently embedded within the e-signed document for easy, one-click verification. In addition, this is the only e-signature solution on the market to capture a visual audit trail of how the signing process took place – as experienced by the signers. Download our white paper, “Success with E-Signatures in State and Local Government,” to learn more about how to fully embrace digital transformation with electronic signatures.