Accounts Payable Automation

When your accounts payable process is inefficient, it doesn’t just make your life difficult – it impacts your operating expenses and bottom line.

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From Manual Processing to Hyperautomation.

Every organization and industry has an accounts payable department. That’s nothing new, but the way you manage the process can differ. Improving the performance of accounts payable functionality by digitizing and automating processes helps slash processing time. We understand your need to eliminate backlogs, prevent miscommunication, and reduce the steps it takes to complete reviews, approvals, and other tasks. Toss in hyperautomation with your ERP system, and the result creates a streamlined and modern process for your team.


Why Automate Your Accounts Payable Process?

It’s easy to see why CFO’s like you transform your organization into a paperless environment!

Document Management

Store and share electronic documents efficiently and securely.

Intelligent Data Capture

Accelerate the data processing of invoices.

Electronic Approvals

Process invoices quickly by automating submission, routing, and review.

ERP Integrations

Seamless data flow through all business systems.


The City of Coppell Reduced Its Payment Processing Time to Minutes


When facing a problem or looking to innovate a business process, hyperautomation is the City of Coppell’s go-to technology.


Now, their AP is centralized, the invoices route to various departments, the administrators dump invoices into a dedicated accounts payable folder, and ABBYY FlexiCapture trolls that folder, grabs the invoices, and captures the metadata. The process uses Machine Learning (ML) so the next time an invoice from that vendor comes through, it can process it with even more accuracy.


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See What Our Clients Say

We take pride in offering innovative technology solutions for our clients to improve their business processes. But we aren’t going to toot our own horn, we’ll let our clients do that for you!

Jerod Anderson, Director of Enterprise Solutions for the City of Coppell, TX

“One of the weaknesses we identified early on was the accounts payable process. We were looking to make it easier for all end users to process information a lot faster. Right out of the box, it was very impressive. We gave it a dozen of our invoices, and it spit out with 99% accuracy on 90% of those. It uses machine learning, so once it’s corrected the next time that invoice from that vendor comes through, FlexiCapture understands it and will process it with a 100% accuracy.”


Jerod Anderson
Director of Enterprise Solutions
City of Coppell

Misty Perry, Information Records Administrator, ACHD

“We had a gentleman that had seen ABBYY at another company that works in our IT department. And he is correct with our invoices, a lot of them we still get them in paper format, and we’re trying to get them all electronic, and so we thought ABBYY would be great to implement with accounting.”


Misty Perry
Information Records Administrator
Ada County Highway District

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