Laserfiche automates business processes

Automate processes in every department with low-code, no-code powerful tools like electronic forms, business process automation, and intelligent document management.

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MCCi Solution

Enterprise Content Management vs. Content Services Platform

What’s the Difference? An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system stores your documents and keeps them secure by providing access to the appropriate people only. Over the years, ECM evolved into an extensible, composable Content Services Platform (CSP) to serve every department within your organization by addressing increasingly complex business process issues with simple, no-code tools and robust integrations.


Get to Know the Features of Laserfiche

Here are a few features and capabilities you will receive by implementing a world-class content management platform. It’s easy to see why we have so many client success stories as a result of empowering their organizations to work in paperless environments!

Document Management

Store and share electronic documents efficiently and securely. Learn more about the difference between document and records management on AIIM’s blog.

Process Automation

Standardize repetitive processes, increase accuracy, and facilitate training with low/no-code tools built to drive adoption. Explore intelligent automation options to build efficient processes where employees, vendors, and customers can benefit.


Process forms quickly by automating submissions, routing, reviews, and approvals. E-forms can create documents with appropriate naming conventions within your central repository from the start.

Records Management

When a formal process is required, enforcing information object records means no further changes are allowed. If changes are needed, like an addition of an exhibit to a contract, the resulting output is a new record in its own right.

MCCi Solution

Enterprise Content Management vs. Content Services Platform


Implementing Laserfiche allowed Osceola County Sheriff’s Department to streamline their business processes beyond a filing cabinet into business process automation.

“Our HR department used to have a filing room that was fireproof, and now all files are scanned in directly to Laserfiche. Our recruiting department used to only accept printed paper applications that you either had to come in to fill out or you could print from home. They were receiving around 50 applications a month with that system. The first month we implemented the online application, the applicants tripled, reaching up to 800 applications in one month alone,” said Glasscock.


See What Our Clients Say

“As always, Vache was able to step through what the issue was and even provided a video to assist the rest of my new techs in future installs. Thanks again!”