Create a Central Hub for Law Enforcement Records.

Law Enforcement agencies are focused on public service. Their paperwork and processes must be streamlined to ensure they can do their jobs quickly and efficiently. It’s important to manage all files and case documentation in a central, secure location. We help organize scanned documents, electronic documents, photographs, audio, video, email, and evidence to make it easier for staff to have instant access to files needed quickly, especially while working in the field.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Secure

  • Integrates
    with RMS

  • Easy Access for
    Search and Retrieval

  • Accessible While
    Working in the Field

Watch Lawrence Steed & Shawna Barnes talk about how Grapevine implemented Laserfiche for their PD and Fire Departments.

Public Safety Officials Now Have Instant Access to Critical Records in the Field

The City of Grapevine improved document sharing between the city and public safety officials such as 911 operators, police officers, and firefighters, who serve a critical role in answering and responding to emergencies. These officials no longer experience a delay in viewing necessary documents from multiple departments and can use them to effectively assess situations in the field.

The city built out additional processes in Laserfiche to assist with Accounts Payable, Police Training and IT Management. “[Laserfiche] has completely changed many business processes within our city and will continue to streamline many more in the future. We as a city are collaborating more than we ever have,” said Barnes. Shawna is looking forward to more operational opportunities with Laserfiche in the future for their jail system, records dispatch and a lot on the fire side as well.

Adopting Laserfiche Enhanced Leon County Sheriff's Ability to Protect and Serve

LCSO incorporated Laserfiche into multiple aspects of their operations, streamlining records retention associated with regulatory compliance and law enforcement functions of the office.