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Reduce paperwork and manual processes so you can get back to serving your community.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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Fight Crime - Forget the Paper!

Law Enforcement agencies are focused on public service. Transforming operations through digital solutions allow staff to have what they need at their fingertips and reduce the manual data entry. Paperwork and processes must be streamlined to ensure they can do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

It’s important to manage all files and case documentation in a central, secure location. We help organize scanned documents, electronic documents, photographs, audio, video, email, and evidence to make it easier for staff to instantly access files needed quickly, especially while working in the field.


Why Choose Automation?

It’s easy to see why agencies like yours are working in paperless environments!

Improve Internal Processes

Case Management, digital evidence management, the chain of command approvals, back-office processes, and more can be handled electronically and easily viewed and audited to speed up processes.

Improve Internal Processes

Secure Records & Data

Ensure that any records stored electronically are only accessed by authorized personnel, and you have the reports to prove it.

Secure Records & Data

Streamline Public Forms

House checks, party checks, anonymous tips, citizen events, and more- manage these forms electronically with a streamlined workflow for quick review.

Streamline Public Forms

Stop Manual Data Entry

Remove manual data entry by integrating your current systems like RMS, CAD, and jail systems or implementing digital workers to handle the keystrokes.

Stop Manual Data Entry

Success Stories


Implementing Laserfiche allowed the Fayetteville (NC) PD to provide additional services to their citizens.

“If someone is going out of the state or they’re going on vacation, they can actually fill out a form … and an officer gets assigned to go and monitor the home until they come back. So that was a big win for the citizens and the police department,” said IT Project Manager Melissa Jenkins.

The tools in Laserfiche Forms allowed the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office to digitize and streamline employment applications. They went from receiving about 50 applications a month to over 800!

“If you select that you are applying for a sworn position, additional questions that are not required for civilian applications will populate,” Haylee said.

“So just by putting our application online and making it electronic and more accessible to the citizens and potential employees, our numbers really grew.”