Large-Scale Scanning Services

Our scanning services take care of project planning, prep work, indexing, and quality control. Documents, books, large format, microfilm, and microfiche – we take care of it all!

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Lose the paper, keep the data.

We live and breathe digital transformation and believe in finding ways to improve processes for the benefit of our clients’ successes and their bottom line. If you’re looking for the best way to transform your documents for ease of access within Laserfiche or another platform, we’ve got the best CJIS and HIPPA-trained team for your project.

Why scan your documents?

Save time: Imagine finding a document in 30 seconds or less instead of digging through boxes for hours.

Get back space: Paper documents take up valuable office space. Save on storage fees by digitizing your records.

Prepare for the unknown: Caught off guard by COVID? Ensure you can access information during the next natural disaster, pandemic, or other unforeseen event.

Control access: Share information with those who need it instantly, from any location. Restrict or grant read-only access.

Automate retention: Complying with records retention policy with paper documents is a challenge, to say the least. Retain and dispose of digital records with minimal effort.

Be future-ready: The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act and other policies make it clear that the future of records is digital.

Our Process

We are ready to tackle your paper problem! Get to know our process.

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Large quantities of paper documents and records can take up valuable office space and limit the ability to run your department. If you utilize off-site storage, scanning your documents can save you money on retrieval requests and storage fees. By digitizing your files, you can save space, money, and time.

Scanning your documents and records can help you share the information instantly with staff and clients from any location. Electronic files can eliminate the need for costly reproduction, mailing, and are easier to track. Search, find, and share your documents in minutes instead of hours.

Moving to electronic files for document management is an important part of your disaster preparedness and business continuity plan. Scanned documents, meeting minutes, maps, archives, and more provide backup copies of your files in an easily portable digital format. This provides extra assurance that you will be able to access your information in the event of a disaster. An added bonus is that we can easily upload your documents to your Laserfiche repository!


City of Victoria's Microfilm Conversion Stats

“Time savings and ease of access. Our response to our requests is much faster. Our microfilm was locked up in our records division. Now, when dispatch needs the records, they can access it from their office. Our detectives that work cold cases now have access at their desk, and they no longer have to wait for our department to be available to unlock these records. They also don’t have to waste two to three hours of their day coming to our office to accomplish what they need.” – Lauren Meaux, records supervisor

We take care of project planning, prep work, indexing, and quality control.