Digital Transformation for Public Sector

Business Process Automation solutions empower organizations to operate, respond, and serve their communities well.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

Don’t Let Legacy Systems and Manual Processes Slow You Down.

Siloed technology without modern interfaces and user-friendly features slows down the operations of the staff. It’s time to modernize to provide better service to your customers with Content ServicesIntelligent AutomationRobotic Process Automation, and Digital Signatures.


Automate End-to-End

Digitize paper and processes.

Organization Scalability

Maximize automation.


Easily create and update processes.

Collaboration Enablement

Provide access to conduct business anytime or anywhere.

Doing more with less means it’s important to choose the right partner and scalable solutions.

Efficient Delivery

Spin up digital workers, services, workflows, electronic forms on demand.

Contactless Service

Reduce office foot traffic through automated paperless processes.

Disaster Preparedness

Business continuity through a pandemic, health responses, and natural disasters.

Empower Self-Service

Empower customers with self-service options to find what they need, when they need it.



As a result of digitizing, the city saved time, removed over 25 filing cabinet systems, streamlined their workflows and automated about 1,200 documents. Through automating the burdensome performance evaluation and status change form processes, they tied in their HR database and created dynamic evaluation forms that allow their staff to easily track these documents, add comments and send email notifications.

“Our automation allows us to reduce paper, streamline processes and free up staff to focus on higher priorities,” said Shawna Barnes, business process manager, also known as the ‘Goddess of Workflows’!

Tim Nolan with Collin County, Texas, shares, “We lean on MCCi to help us a lot. I love that they have a highly technical, skilled team that allows us to solve our wicked problems. It’s not just basic technical support. The support has been fantastic. We worked with one specific person with each problem, and they stay on until the very end. They will always be the person we call on for LaserficheBlue Prism, and beyond.”



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