Case Management

Keep caseworkers in the field and out of the file cabinets with anytime access to client files, service request forms, and more.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

Reduce Service Delays.

Good case management revolves around giving caseworkers easy access to information, keeping them organized, and reducing their time dealing with paperwork. With hundreds of features like email notifications, one-click routing case tracking, reporting, and granular security control, our software can automate most manual case management processes.


Why Streamline Your Case Management?

Transform your case management into smart data! Below you will find benefits to improving your processes.

Improve Response Times

Quickly intake, process, and file all your case documentation.

Reduce Service Delays

Provide secure access and automatic updates to caseworkers, supervisors, and other administrators.

Ensure Client Security

Assign security restrictions so that employees can only access the files they require to do their jobs.

Integrate Systems

Eliminate duplicate work and data entry between your ERP systems.


See What Our Clients Say

“It’s also great that we can tailor Laserfiche to our own needs. It is flexible to be precisely how we need it to be. Now, we cannot lose a file! We can search for it upside down, and inside out. Before, it could take up to three days, and now we can find data in under five minutes. We are excited to gain additional staff resources in areas where they were only focused on previous file storage too.”

– Patti Alderman, Administrative Services Manager, York/Poquoson DSS


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