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AP Automation: Invoice Separation Challenges and Best Practices

lady scanning documents

White Paper

lady scanning documents

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation with ABBYY reduces labor-intensive processes for accepting and processing paper and digital invoices.

This white paper will take you through auto-invoice separation challenges and best practices for your finance department and show you how intelligent document capture keeps invoices get lost within the technology.

Step one to automating invoice capture for finance departments is invoice separation and data capture. After preparing the documents for scanning, ABBYY‘s automation technology, FlexiCapture, separates the invoices during the scanning process. As a result, there is no need to scan invoices individually.

The next step extracts the invoice number, invoice date, total, and vendor details and automatically enters the data into your ERP system – now that’s a milestone to celebrate.

Learn how to automate your invoice intake and processing from mailed and electronic formats by completing the form and downloading our white paper.