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Prepare a Web-First Strategy for Business Continuity

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Traditional document management systems have been allowing organizations to share information for years, but many have outdated functionality. Whether you have an outdated system or none at all, it’s important to focus on a web-first strategy as part of your content services solution. Web options should be a part of your business continuity plan as you ensure your users can access records and participate in business operations- whether in the office, on the go, or at home.

MCCi and Laserfiche have many web options available for use, including a Web Client, the Laserfiche App, and Laserfiche Weblink.

Laserfiche Web Client

The Laserfiche Web Client is fully functional, giving users the ability to do anything they have rights to in the repository. It has the Windows Explorer look and feel, making it easy to drill down to their records. They still have quick search options available as well. It’s a quick and responsive interface. The web client allows staff to work wherever with VPN access.

Laserfiche App

The Laserfiche App gives users the Laserfiche experience through their mobile device. It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows. You can view, start and complete forms processes as well as have full access to the records in the repository. You can capture records on Mobile through your camera and save to the repository. Mobile is a great option for those on the go who need to quickly access records.

Laserfiche Weblink

Laserfiche Weblink gives read-only access to records, usually utilized for public access. You are maintaining the security of the records, while only having one copy of the record, instead of having multiple copies floating around on your website. You can also embed this into your website. If you want to give access to people outside the organization other than the public, there are read-only licenses available with limited uses.

Cloud Options

If your organization has a cloud-first initiative, is replacing old hardware, or has another reason to move to the cloud, we have several great options available for you. Laserfiche has a Cloud platform available and we also offer Managed Cloud services for hosting on-premise licensing. This will give you access from anywhere there’s internet access and reduce the burden on your IT department.

Web options as part of your business continuity plan gives your users access to the information they need no matter where they are, all while maintaining the security of the records as Laserfiche has always done.