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How KSD Creates Faster, Smarter & More Efficient Business Processes

photo of MCCi's Andre Armstead interviewing Kennewick School District


Our Insights in 30 webinar series spotlights your peers with similar challenges you may be facing while on your digital transformation journey.

Watch this video to see how they operated before, and how things changed for the KSD team once the pandemic hit. A few of the topics discussed after their client story touch on the following:

• HR Modified Forms for COVID-19
• How Laserfiche Integrates with Other ERP Systems
• Volunteer Background Checks
• And More!

Post-COVID-19 Response Made Easy

Pre-COVID, Kennewick School District had an exponential increase in students and teachers over the past few years. Even with the number of new people, KSD is able to maintain the same amount of back-office staff because of the automation, flexibility and efficiency their CSP, Laserfiche, provides.

Fortunately, once the pandemic hit, their rapid response time to get up and running to work from home, and update existing electronic forms processes per new guidelines and laws in effect, plus the deployment of new ones to assist their staff in saving resources continues to allow their team to run efficiently.