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Bryan, TX Rapid Response to Support Staff and Citizens During COVID-19

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The Problem

The COVID-19 crisis threw companies and government agencies for a loop. Many of the paper processes they relied on no longer would fit into their new telecommuting structure. The City of Bryan, Texas, was one of many that needed a solution for efficient processes in a remote setting.

The Solution

Local and Small Business Funding

To process funding applications for local businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Bryan, Texas, knew a streamlined process was needed. They needed to accept and process applications quickly and efficiently while receiving high-volume forms and multiple attachments per submission.

Laserfiche Forms was the obvious choice to take on such a complicated task. MCCi assisted the City in consulting on the process and advised them not to stress about limitations on attachments. The form allowed the collection of all the necessary information and created a public-facing landing page for local businesses to access and submit the information needed to process their application. There was no reason to come into City Hall or mail in paperwork. Staff was able to quickly review and approve forms. The form and process were up and running in less than a week!

Work from Home Requests

The City needed a way to track the employees working from home, technology needs, server and software access, and route approvals from supervisors to Human Resources. Laserfiche Forms not only created fields that fit the brief but also streamlined a complicated approval routing process.

COVID-19 Exposure Reporting

The City’s Human Resources department was required to track the progress of employees who tested positive or exposed to COVID-19. In addition to creating a form to collect this information, they also created supplemental forms for FMLA and tracked the progress of those exposed. By creating a log within Laserfiche Forms, they collect temperatures in the morning and evening and provide checkboxes for the various symptoms. The exposed employee completes a log for 14 days for HR to run reports with a clear status update on their employees.

With these automated processes, the City was able to receive and process requests quickly while asking detailed questions that are explicitly related to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Future

The City hopes to continue to create forms and automate processes. The remarkable progress in such a short time makes them hopeful that other departments will see Laserfiche’s immense benefits and having MCCi as a partner to enact a digital transformation in their organization.

To learn more about how Laserfiche can empower your organization to automate business processes, contact us today!