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MCCi Helped Refine Florida League of Cities’ Accounts Payable Process

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The Problem

The Florida League of Cities (FLC) was created in 1922 to unite the municipal governments of Florida. Today the FLC supports a membership base of over 400 cities, towns and villages in the State by providing various products and services – such as insurance claim processing. The FLC is headquartered in Tallahassee, with the Insurance and Technology Services Departments located in Orlando.

The Solution

The FLC began searching for a document management solution to help manage their Claims, Accounting, Risk Control, and Underwriting departments. After investigating several solutions, they decided on MCCi to provide them with the Laserfiche Records Management Software.

Today, Laserfiche is being utilized as their primary imaging application deployed across sixteen departments in both the Tallahassee and Orlando locations. Since 2003 they have used Laserfiche to handle more than 1.35 million documents and 8.3 million images and recently moved to Laserfiche RIO.

The recent addition of the Workflow module to the insurance claims operations office in Orlando has allowed them to automate their claims process in the Workers Compensation Center. Workflow is used to automatically route, file and notify staff of claim related documents.

Within the first year of deployment, they have used Workflow to handle over 150,000 documents and saved approximately 3,400 hours of labor by eliminating the previous paper based process.

As key claim documents are entered into the system, adjusters and claims staff members in the Tallahassee office are automatically notified that they are available for processing approvals and payments. The process of delivering these documents used to take more than 24 hours, however with Laserfiche Workflow the documents are accessible within a few hours. Christopher Noyes, Business Analyst remarks, “Not only have we gained tens of thousands of dollars in increased productivity during the first year, it has also increased accuracy through standardization.”

With Workflow they are able to automatically name documents and folders reducing manual typing errors and standardizing naming conventions. The successes realized in their Workers Compensation Center have allowed them to begin applying similar processes in other areas of their insurance operations. Since beginning the workflow process in their Property and Liability Claims center in November 2010, they have moved to a completely paperless process.

Printing has been reduced by 80% and they are now on track to save over 550 reams of paper this year by using Workflow to route claims information directly to the electronic claim file. They have not only saved on printing resources, but it have saved countless hours each month by eliminating the need to retrieve traditional claim folders from their records archive, and endless trips to the printer – allowing for more time to be spent adjusting claims and not handling paper.

In the first eight months, Workflow has automated the filing, naming, and notification of more than 33,000 Property and Liability claim related documents for adjusters and support staff. In the Property and Liability Claims business, quick response time to new claims is key to customer satisfaction as well as keeping costs down. Laserfiche integrated with Workflow has been able to assist the FLC with both.

Recently, they have applied Workflow to their accounts payable processes, routing hundreds of invoices to staff each week as well as using it in the review and approval process. The Workflow module has been integrated into their Great Plains accounting software saving significant resources during the approval process – not to mention giving them the ability to process bills for payment quicker.

“The use of the Laserfiche Workflow and the excellent support of MCCi have provided a much improved business process. The product’s flexibility allows us to build dynamic workflows to handle current operations as well as being able to adapt to future conditions quickly. We have also been able to leverage the Laserfiche repository to track and measure KPI’s previously unavailable pre- workflow” explains Christopher Noyes, Business Analyst and recently certified Laserfiche BPM.

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