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Natrona County Schools Welcomed Digital Records

Natrona County Schools Welcomed the Digital Era by Replacing an Antiquated System

Natrona County School’s Story

The state of Wyoming underwent massive budget cuts over the past few years, and those cuts caused a shortage of staff to complete necessary day-to-day functions for Natrona County Schools (NCS), located in Casper, Wyoming. They needed to streamline their processes to reduce the time it took to process simple paperwork and to free staff up to take on more important tasks within the organization. Paper-based processes took too long to complete, and Natrona County Schools began looking for a solution that could help their organization work efficiently while on a tight budget.

NCS is an organization comprised of over 2,200 full-time employees and more than 3,000 total support staff – it’s imperative to operate lean. Replacing their paper-based processes with Laserfiche Forms and Workflow helped streamline processes across departments. They created invaluable, paperless procedures that reduced wasted efforts and expenses. They quickly identified that topic as the most significant area for improvement.

“We have many new processes we are looking to digitize over the next few years. Any paper processes we have will ultimately transform into a Laserfiche Forms Workflow.”

Supplemental Pay Process Improvements

The first action item Natrona streamlined was the supplemental pay process for extracurricular hours, such as coaching, field trips, travel, continuing education, and more. Designated employees at any of the 28 schools within the district can create contracts generated by a data entered on a custom Laserfiche Form. When the employee ID number gets added, the form triggers a database lookup and auto-populates the employee’s information needed for the agreement. The Workflow then routes the contract to the appropriate staff for approval.

Once the employee approves the contract, the building administrator and district office receive notifications for processing and payment setup. In the past, these forms often took a few weeks to prepare, to notify departments, and to route to central services for processing. With Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, this process can reduce weeks of processing to less than 24 hours from beginning to end.

With the Laserfiche Forms dashboard, administrators can see where the ‘paperwork’ is in the process, identify the bottlenecks, and ultimately, eliminate duplication of efforts within process improvements.

Natrona County Schools Supplemental Payment Forms Portal
Natrona County Schools Supplemental Payment Forms Portal

Human Resource Department Improvements

The list of processes and forms to automate are endless. Natrona’s HR department continues to transform its operations. A few examples of the type of information they can now process through Laserfiche are:

  • Annual Contracts and Work Agreements
  • Professional Development Approvals
  • Employee Job Change Forms
  • Employee Separation and Exit Interviews
  • National Board Incentive Requests
  • Salary Upgrade Requests
  • Leave and Travel Requests

IT Department Improvements

Their IT department benefits from Laserfiche too. Another batch of Forms is available for staff support, such as:

  • IT Support Requests
  • Onboarding Technology Requests

Existing System Integration

Integrating it with their enterprise system, PowerSchool, allows them to create seamless experiences for their staff, and it significantly improves the overhead for operations. From Human Resource Management to Accounts Payable, Laserfiche and PowerSchool work together.

What’s Next?

Jeff Brewster, Director of Human Resource Development, states, “We have many new processes we are looking to digitize over the next few years. Any paper processes we have will ultimately transform into a Laserfiche Forms Workflow.”


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