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Westlake, TX Gains Peace of Mind with Managed Cloud

Jason Power is the Director of Information Technology for the Town of Westlake, TX. He’s responsible for overseeing all of the technology and cybersecurity concerns both for the municipal government and the charter school that the town runs.

Under his leadership, the town used self-hosted Laserfiche to store and organize data for several departments—but they didn’t have a database administrator to support them. This meant that Jason was drawn away from his big-picture duties to monitor server performance, perform routine maintenance, and back up data.

“There comes a time when you really need a SQL guy to look at this," he said.

Jason began investigating possibilities. He knew he needed a hosting solution that was secure, flexible, and scalable—and wouldn’t eat into his team’s valuable time. Their team didn’t have the bandwidth to handle their own cloud infrastructure.

Laserfiche Cloud was not an option because it’s not compliant with CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) regulations, and they use Laserfiche to store CJIS data like traffic tickets.

The Solution: MCCi’s Managed Cloud

So, Jason talked to MCCi, the Town of Westlake’s long-time Laserfiche solution provider. The more he learned about MCCi’s managed cloud services, the more he came to see the benefits of taking server management off his team’s plate altogether.

“It was kind of a no-brainer because it was one less thing for us to worry about.”

In very little time, MCCi deployed a cloud architecture to met the town’s needs:

  • Security: All MCCi managed cloud clients are hosted on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud with the highest security standards. Jason knew his town’s data would be secure.
  • Flexibility: The team didn’t need to worry about forecasting demand to handle peak server usage.
  • Scalability: As the town grows, their storage needs will grow too. Managed Cloud allows them to pay for only the storage they need. It’s easy to upgrade if they approach their storage limit.

Migrating to Managed Cloud

MCCi ensured the cloud transition would be so seamless, most people outside of IT wouldn’t even know anything had changed!

The Town of Westlake had about 6 TB of data in their Laserfiche system to transfer to the managed cloud.

“With our connection and the speed of MCCi’s connection, we had everything up within a few days, actually. Then we just did nightly syncs to keep it up to date during the migration.”

The cutover time when migrating to Managed Cloud was under an hour.

“We did that on a Friday afternoon. Everybody was happy to be like, ‘Oh, I can't do anything but go home!’”


For Jason, Managed Cloud means peace of mind that his town’s data is safe. But it also means the freedom to do his job—because MCCi’s support is just a phone call away!