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Whitfield County Schools’ HR Department Implemented Paperless with Secure Digital Records

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The Problem

Paper. That’s all they had. Whitfield County Schools’ human resources department spent most of their time looking for documents that were misfiled or on someone’s desk. When Rhonda Yim, chief officer of human resources, joined the school district’s team, she knew they needed to go digital.

“The iPad app and mobile access is another great benefit of Laserfiche. I have access to all of our records during administrative meetings or when I am away from my desk.”

The Solution

“With more than 1,600 employees, I was nervous about going digital. When I saw the security features that Laserfiche ECM provided, I knew it was the perfect fit for us.” said Yim. Yim learned about Laserfiche at an education seminar conducted by MCCi, the leading provider of Laserfiche in the country. Laserfiche is a leading Enterprise Content Management solution that allows organizations to manage their records electronically and automate their business processes.

The security features available in Laserfiche allow the department to organize and store all documents within a file for each employee. This includes the six standard forms for a new employee’s on-boarding, applications, certifications, benefits, evaluations, hiring and resignation letters. They scan the document in real-time, as soon as it comes to the office. If they receive it in a digital format, a simple “drag and drop” into Laserfiche does the trick.

Not only are the employee files digital, but the employee candidates’ applications are too! When the superintendent or principal calls to request a new hire, the HR team conducts a simple search of the meta-data in Laserfiche for an application that includes the qualifications.

“The iPad app and mobile access is another great benefit of Laserfiche. I have access to all of our records during administrative meetings or when I am away from my desk. Other departments are noticing the convenience and our efficiency, and want Laserfiche in their departments. We are excited to implement Laserfiche in our payroll department this year.”

The payroll department is implementing Laserfiche and filing the payroll records within the same employee folder in the HR repository. With security features including redaction and access rights, all employee records will be filed together.

Other departments benefiting from Laserfiche include testing and assessment, technology, transportation and maintenance. “Of all the applications and systems the school district has implemented, Laserfiche had the largest impact.”