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Automate the Building Permit and Inspection Application Process

Processing paper forms for building permit applications and requests for inspections can be time-consuming and challenging to track. This webinar demonstrates how you can create an automated, paperless process for your building department through Laserfiche Forms and Workflow.

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Automate the Building Permit and Inspection Application Process.

Laserfiche integrates with major permitting systems like Energov, Accela, CityWorks, and Bluebeam. All data and information submitted through these permitting systems automatically upload to Laserfiche’s repository. The data in the repository can be repopulated in Laserfiche Forms so that the user does not have to re-enter their information. See how you can improve the way you process building permits and inspection reports!

Do you struggle with keeping track of Building Permit and Inspection approvals?

Laserfiche Forms allows you to build a Building Permit Application Form to automate the approval process. Once the form is submitted, the applicant and the Building Department receive notifications with a confirmation email. The Building Department will receive a task with a link to the form for review and approval. Once the Building Department approves the application, the applicant will receive an email with a parcel ID, and project number to begin building along with a link to request an inspection. The inspection request goes through the same automatic approval process, and once approved, the applicant will receive their Certificate of Occupancy.


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