MCCi Awarded Laserfiche's Top Three Highest Level Awards

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Our Team Celebrated at Winners Circle

MCCi / Feb 14, 2019
MCCi Awarded Laserfiche's Highest Level Awards photo of the team
Pictured: Derrick Proulx, Michael Lunn, Bonnie Hutchinson, Mike Beaudreau, Larry Davidson, Donny Barstow, Brian Sabin, Phillip Miller, Jessica Smith, Traci Small, Jeremy Gibson, Blake Smith, Gareth Cales, and Amanda Blackwood
As a leading provider for Laserfiche since 1998, MCCi has had the pleasure of attending the Winners Circle celebrations for many years! That’s a lot of recognition we’ve had over the years. Even still, we’re continually working at becoming the best we can be to help our clients achieve their goals and are proud to announce our newest level of awards received at this year’s Winners Circle.

During Laserfiche’s award ceremony at Winners Circle, MCCi received the three highest level awards for our 2018 growth:

1. Platinum Club – MCCi is the only Platinum Solution Provider!
2. President’s Award
3. Chairman’s Award
We couldn’t be more honored and humbled for this recognition and are grateful for our fantastic team who brought us here. Please take a moment to congratulate our team on winning these awards.

About Laserfiche
Laserfiche is a leading global solutions provider for enterprise content management; they empower organizations to take control of their information and business processes. MCCi offers Laserfiche as a solution for our clients. Read more about what it could do to help transform your organization. If you would like for one of our representatives to reach out to answer questions you may have about the possibilities of Laserfiche, please submit a request, and we will be in touch within two business days.
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