Cloud-First – It’s a Strategy and Lifestyle, Not a Hashtag

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Cloud-first is an organizational commitment to consider the cloud before any solution when optimizing IT (Information Technology) spending or launching new projects. When you opt not to use the cloud for a project, there will be a good reason for not doing so–like committing to any lifestyle change.

Key Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Traditional, on-premise software is expensive to maintain, difficult to scale, and does not easily integrate with modern SaaS (software as a service) applications. By contrast, cloud-based solutions reduce complexity, which accelerates transformation and adoption.

Streamline operations. The cloud scales easier than on-site equipment, storage, or software. So you can scale up and down as needed, giving you exactly the technology you need when you need it.

Reduce cost. Cloud solutions are constantly updated, so you run the most up-to-date technology and avoid repurchases. That enables more efficiency in your operations and less investment.

Increase security. It is a myth that moving to the cloud means compromising security. On the contrary, the cloud is more secure than on-premise because it is in a data center with the highest physical and virtual security levels.

Improve customer experience. The cloud helps you keep pace with the demands of the market. It also enhances business agility and enables you to change your tech infrastructure when needed; this allows you to achieve your customer relationship goals quickly.

Drive employee performance. Flexibility to manage tasks while in the office, or on the road, from several devices allows your employees to be productive anywhere. Also, if your local network goes down, your employees can shift to a new venue and continue working if their work is in the cloud.

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We are commitment to your cloud-first strategy.

Unlike a cloud-only strategy, cloudfirst does not eliminate other solutions, thus allowing for greater flexibility.

All of our technology partners have cloud, on-premise, and hybrid options. In addition, we have built our own managed cloud offering to ensure we can meet all security and compliance requirementsWe rely on this flexibility to recommend the right approach based on our client‘s desired business outcomes. Driving our clients desired outcomes is our #lifestyle!

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