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Get to Know Our Scanning Process

For a few boxes of records here and there, it’s fine to take the DIY approach to scanning or delegate the task to an intern.

But if your organization has large-scale scanning needs, records containing sensitive data, or a history of poor records hygiene (no judgement!), turn to our experts at MCCi.

We do more than just create image files. We act as a partner for modernizing and digitizing your business operations.

Read on to learn about the MCCi difference—what we scan, how we scan it, and the results you can expect.

What is Our Scanning Process?

MCCi scanning services process roadmap illustration

Step 1 : Assess your scanning needs
First, we need to assess the current state of your records. If you have a door, you secretly hope no auditor ever opens, that’s okay! Think of us as a hazmat team for your file room. We’ll work with you to clean up and index your records as needed. In addition to the volume and type of documents, we want to understand how often you access records and how long you need to retain them (we find that 30% of clients’ records can be destroyed rather than scanned). This allows us to create an efficient, effective plan for digitization.
Step 2 : Pick up your documents
We coordinate the logistics and do all the physical work to pack and securely transport records to one of our scanning facilities in your region. We maintain chain-of-custody throughout the process to ensure security and compliance.
Step 3 : Prepare documents
This involves removing staples or sticky notes, flattening, removing them from cover sheets or folders, etc., so that documents can be scanned. Other than the folder label, if the front and/or back of a folder contains information, a photocopy is made and placed at the start of the folder.
Step 4 : Scan
Most records can be digitized in black and white, but grayscale or color images can be created as needed. We use industry-leading scanners and software, typically with an Advanced Text Enhancement setting. We de-speckle or otherwise enhance images so you get quality results. We photograph or use a flatbed for any damaged or large-format documents that can’t go through the scanner.
Step 5 : Custom indexing
An indexing specialist assigns metadata to each document. This typically involves optical character recognition (OCR) that converts typed text into digital text and naming and organizing files according to your specific needs.
Step 6 : Quality Control
We perform internal QC at every step of the way—ensuring 99.995% accuracy. We send you a few sample images early in the process to ensure that the images and metadata meet your expectations.
Step 7 : Return or destroy your documents
Some clients want records returned, particularly bound minutes books or items of historical interest. However, many opt to have their physical records shredded and disposed of after scanning so they no longer take up storage space.

What Do You Get Back?

Crisp, clear images as TIFF, PDF, or other file type

OCR text and metadata customized to your needs for easy search and retrieval

Organized files ready to be imported to Laserfiche or another content management software

What Document Formats Do We Accept?

We can digitize virtually any type of document, including:

Regular size files up to 11X17”

Oversize documents such as blueprints

Microfilm and microfiche

Bound books

Double-sided, stapled, highlighted, annotated, damaged

The MCCi Difference

Why choose MCCi over another scanning company?

  • We have 20+ years’ experience scanning sensitive documents. We maintain chain of custody, and everyone who encounters your records undergoes background checks and HIPAA and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) compliance training.
  • You get unparalleled image quality.
  • Indexing and metadata make searching documents easy.
  • We can import organized documents directly into your Laserfiche system.
scanning paper to digital with OCR

Ready to future-proof your organization and retrieve files in minutes instead of hours?

Learn more about how our scanning services empower innovation and efficiency or contact us to discuss your scanning needs today!