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2020 Lessons Learned: Transitioning to Remote Work

woman working from home on multiple devices


What was the most challenging part of transiting to remote work, and how did you overcome it?

Shawna Barnes, City of Grapevine, Texas “Probably one of our most challenging transitions was our Accounts Payable process. We did launch our AP process through Laserfiche, but it was nowhere near citywide at the point of transition.”


”These more essential processes, like payroll and equipment loss, affect the entire city.”

“That was an obstacle for us in the beginning when we were building a data capture. That hit us pretty hard as we tried to get everyone on so quickly.”

Mike Hawkins, La Plata County, Colorado: “We support our users when they have issues, but with getting everyone out, assigning VPNs, and then not understanding individual workstations, it became difficult to properly assess each issue, causing complaints at the beginning regarding speed. We found that people were doing massive queries in their Laserfiche repository using a straight VPN connect when they live, like I do, out in the sticks, and not understanding why things were so slow.”

“That problem was pervasive, so we had to set up an internal server or internal machines that people could remote into through their VPN connection to do the query work they were accustomed to.”

“There was a lot of fielding those kinds of issues initially, and it was a busy couple of weeks teaching and supporting users and getting their expectations set.“

Patty Schmidt-Reed, Denver RTD, Colorado: “I think our biggest issue was RTD uses Citrix to get into the RTD web. It wasn’t easy to get everything we needed inside of Citrix so that we had everything that we needed. Our users would call us and ask, ’How do I get into Laserfiche?’ or ’How do I get into anything?’.”

“Our IT department then had to ensure that everything that we needed was inside the Citrix portal.”

“That was a tough thing to get through. Even to use the web client, we had to make sure that Google Chrome was inside the Citrix portal. If it wasn’t, people could not log into Laserfiche. I think that was one of our biggest hurdles.”