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Charlottesville Commissioner of Revenue’s COVID-19 Paperless Initiative

Man holding iPad depicting electronic forms, records, and folders

About Our Client

The Commissioner of Revenue (COR) is an elected chief tax assessing officer of the local government of Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Problem

The Charlottesville COR struggled to find a solution to integrate with every piece of their software. Implementing Laserfiche allows them to streamline their business processes efficiently. It provided a great starting point when they needed to rapidly deploy electronic forms for public submission in response to COVID-19. 

The Solutions

Use Case: Charlottesville Affordability Program

Their housing affordability program, known as CHAP, is a tax relief assistance for low-income taxpayers. Previously, the citizen must apply for the CHAP program and mail or stop by the office to drop-off their federal return. The staff needed relief from the physical demand of being in the office. Once the process transitioned to online submissions, citizens completed the entire application electronically and uploaded their federal returns. This was immensely helpful for their community and expedited the entire process.

Now, an application is received and instantly appears in their Laserfiche repository, making it available for review, processing, and reporting with a few clicks!

Use Case: Secure Document Submission

Another pain point intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic was the security of records and documents. Often, the COR requests documents, such as tax returns, bills of sale, or other documents that contain personal and confidential information.

Creating a secure electronic process allowed taxpayers to submit documents securely, replacing the need for snail mail and email.

Key benefits to automating their document submission business process:

  • Documents are no longer left sitting in an email waiting for one person to process them, eliminating bottlenecks manually.
  • Secure access to information is controlled by Laserfiche administrators, preventing email hacks and information from landing in the wrong hands.
  • It guaranteed submission success—no more documents lost in the mail system or emails blocked by spam filters.
  • Files remain secure for the lifecycle of their records retention schedule.
  • Activity audits are a breeze.
  • Custom reporting capabilities make it easy to see the progress for each submission.


The ability to process several forms online with built-in workflows, receive documents securely, automate next steps digitally transformed the way they work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlottesville COR leveraged Laserfiche and expeditiously adapted to the demand of a rapidly changing landscape, and completely reinvented many of their paper-based processes.

They empowered their citizens to conduct business from the comfort of their homes, and remote employees continue to provide quality services to their community.

Laserfiche is an integral part of their work at the COR, and they are on a mission to create online services for all their processes!

Interested in learning more about how electronic forms can transform your manual business processes? Contact our experts today!