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Denver RTD Digitizes Their Decal Distribution Process

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Denver RTD is a Multimodal Transportation service provider to the greater metro area of Denver. They built and expanded bus and rail service throughout the Denver Metro area. 404 employees currently use Laserfiche as an enterprise solution. Here is what they had to say about how Laserfiche transformed their future of work:

Describe how Laserfiche changed the way your organization works:

Decal distribution was a paper-based and manual process. Two temporary employees were hired to help prepare and distribute the decals. Each RTD employee, all 3,000 of them, receives one or two stickers each year. Each decal was attached to an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper, which included the employee’s first name, last name, and decal number(s) issued. Then, each sheet of paper got filed into boxes (10-12 typically) in alphabetical order. When it was time to distribute the decals, the containers were loaded into cars and scheduled for transport to each division (10 of them) for distribution.

The distribution process was as follows: Four RTD full-time employees and one temporary employee would travel to a division and set up distribution tables. The division employees would form lines to collect their decals. The HR employee would then shuffle through the boxes to find the employee(s) decal sheet. Once a decal was issued, the employee would sign a ledger to show the item was received. At the end of the day, the boxes were then loaded back into the car and brought to the Blake Street office. Each division would plan for two separate distribution dates.

Here is a sample of an RTD Decal:

Denver RTD 2019 decal

Share specific business process management improvements that your organization experiences:

The Laserfiche Form allowed the HR Department to improve the decal process.

By utilizing Laserfiche Forms, the team only needed three tablets for each division to accomplish this project, rather than 12 boxes full of paper!

It used electronic signatures instead of wet signatures. An immediate record of decal acceptance was created and filed into Laserfiche, and the staff was delighted to see this process finally automated. Many commented that this was long overdue – we couldn’t agree more. Here is what the Laserfiche electronic form looks like:

What specific savings organization-wide do you link to the benefits of using Laserfiche?

12 Boxes of Paper at $37 each = $444
Ink & Cartridges = $128
Two Temporary Employees = $8,320

Total Cost Savings = $8,892

Before Laserfiche Forms, this process would take up to eight weeks. The time to distribute slashed the time in half to about four weeks. The time savings for the HR department had a considerable impact. They no longer fall behind on other duties, and it cut out the heavy lifting too!

Which applications did you integrate with Laserfiche?

A table from RTD’s ERP Oracle System is pushed into Laserfiche and is updated daily. This table allows RTD to auto-populate Last Name and First Name fields by selecting the Employee ID number. There was another table added as a Data Source, which indicated how many decals each employee should receive.

What are your plans for Laserfiche in the future?

We are currently working on a PDP form for our Education Department. The process is paper-based, and all documents are being scanned and saved to Laserfiche once complete. Also, Phase II of our HR Digitization Projects will begin soon. And we are standing up an O&M Project as RTD plans to Operate and Maintain one of our Commuter Rail Lines.

Story contributed by Patty Schmidt-Reed, Program Manager, ECM