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Where to Start: Electronic Forms

man sits at desk surrounded by papers working on his computer


Where to Start: Electronic Forms

Ready for electronic forms to rid you of paper-filled files in bulky cabinets and enable your organization to save time, money and resources?

Innovate with Electronic Forms

Most organizations have a paper problem. It goes well beyond clutter; it slows down processes, introduces errors, and causes frustration – internally and publicly. In today’s world, leadership is expected to provide digital resources for mission-critical processes.

The sky is the limit for creating electronic forms and workflows in one centralized system for your whole organization to serve your employees, customers, and the public.

Topics Included:

  • Creating a better citizen and employee experience
  • Streamlining internal processes
  • Forms and workflow use case – at least 30 examples to share
  • Integrating with other applications
  • How these systems qualify for CARES and stimulus funding