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Laserfiche Accelerated Approval Process for the County of Hanover

In 2011, Hanover County made the decision to purchase Laserfiche as its Content Services Platform (CSP) needs. Over the years, different departments continued to hop on board and join in the Laserfiche initiative.

The County focused on the implementation of Laserfiche Workflow for the Treasurer’s office to accelerate the approval process.

The Treasurer’s Office heavily relied on the Bright System by BAI for managing and balancing cashier tickets and the handling of payments at the front desk. Initially, cashiers went through the process of manually generating a report in Bright, printed them out and filed the report in a folder to submit to their Supervisor. This manual process took several days and tiers of approval until the Accounting Supervisor gave final stamp of approval. File cabinets and bankers boxes filled up valuable space.

The County developed a process by which the reports produced by Bright were electronically printed into Laserfiche through the Snapshot print utility and indexed by cashier, date, and register data. Once the reports land in Laserfiche, a workflow gets triggered and sends notifications, including links, to the appropriate reports for online review and approval. This process continued digitally until the final approval by the Accounting Supervisor. Once approved, the records archived into the appropriate records retention folder in the Laserfiche Repository, allowing for proper records management based on organizational policies. Daily reports scanned into Laserfiche can easily be linked with Bright with a workflow by creating a link between the two files for easy review and validation.

Creating the electronic workflow process saved the expense of printing on paper to produce the Treasurer’s daily reports. It also improved the speed, flow, accountability, and accessibility of the reports. The Treasurer’s Office can use the Workflow tool to utilize core activities and functions within it to build additional automation for other business processes, further enhancing their productivity and adding value to its document management system’s ROI.