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Laserfiche Chatbot Improved Cabarrus County’s Citizens’ Application Experience for Rental Assistance

man holding a tablet with chatbot coming out of the screen


Cabarrus County, North Carolina, located in the Charlotte metro region, is home to approximately 206,000 residents. The County’s business community is diverse, with a mix of small and large organizations in industries ranging from bioscience, motorsports, tourism, retail, and manufacturing industries.​​​​

The government’s response to COVID-19 provided stimulus funds for rental assistance to those in need. As a result, Cabarrus County received $6.5 million to help citizens pay for their rent and utilities. The emergency rental assistance program (ERAP) needed an automated process to accept automated system to accept applications, process, approve and distribute funds, so the IT team chose to build a Laserfiche online form to manage the applications from beginning to end. Once the team outlined the digital strategy, they enhanced the customer experience (CX) with an interactive chatbot.

Cabarrus County shares improves the citizen’s experience with chatbot.

  • Chatbot interactions provide a modern digital experience that feels personalized and flows easily versus completing an online form.
  • Built-in workflows collect qualification details for instant approval or disqualification status.
  • If qualifying terms change or money is leftover, disqualified applications get saved in the Laserfiche repository for future consideration.
  • GIS database look-ups pull in the citizen’s address information. If the address is not located in the County, an alert will state the address does not qualify for assistance.
  • A solid process for internal routing for approvals and metadata reviews allows for staff oversight.
  • Integration with its ERP system connects finance for the distribution of funds. Learn more about Laserfiche System Integrations.