Integrated Systems Improve Efficiency.

With data housed in multiple systems, it can be difficult to automate processes and connect critical information. By integrating these various systems, information can be shared across functional areas of the organization allowing for seamless workflow and collaboration. Information can be extracted from databases to populate forms, documents can be shared with other mainline business systems, and user interfaces can be created to help navigate between applications.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Integrates with
    Wizard-driven Tools

  • Automates Routine
    Tasks Well

  • Handles Robust
    Process Automation

How We Help

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Workflow Design
  • Technical Support
  • Integrate Laserfiche with Other Applications
  • Decrease Manual Work with Robotic Process Automation
  • Reduce Duplicate Data Entry
  • Integrate Laserfiche with Various Applications

How St. Charles Integrates with Infor Lawson

Now the process is entirely electronic, the St. Charles finance office no longer collects physical invoices for storage each year.