Multi Unit Businesses

Paper-based processes with multiple locations around the country causes delays in customer service, accounts payable, employee management, purchase orders and more.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

It's Time to Kick Your Paper Habits.

We empower businesses with multiple locations that need to manage, communicate, and share information seamlessly among sites. Businesses like restaurants, hotels, funeral homes, and assisted living can benefit from the automation tools, and document management features our solution has to offer.


Why Automate Business Processes?

It’s easy to see why multi-location operators like yours embrace automation and work in paperless environments!

Instantly Retrieve Store Paperwork

Have store paperwork sent to the home office with a push of a button.

Process Vendor Invoices

Establish an accounts payable process for your vendor and non-vendor invoices.

Manage License Expiration Dates

Never will you miss a deadline or expiration date again – thanks to Content Services.

Human Resource Onboarding

Streamline your HR processes from application to onboarding.

System Integrations

Content Services fills the gaps in your ERP systems, creating a complete end-to-end process solution.

Process Automation

The sky is the limit. Every department benefits from automation.


Discover the Secret to Paperwork Problems.


We understand the unique challenges that multi location businesses face with paper-based processes received from sites across the country and internationally. Our innovative solutions were developed specifically to automate key processes associated with paperwork management, like vendor invoices, inventory, contracts, permits, licenses and more!