Automating processes allows you to focus on strategic business decisions, boost productivity, and improve internal and external customer service. But where should you start? That's where we come in.

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MCCi Solution

Which solution do you choose? How do you know what to assess first? Let us take your worries away. We tackle this challenge with you by combining our shared experience with hundreds of clients on theirsuccessful process improvement projects and apply that knowledge for your benefit too!


We Want to Be Your Process Automation Readiness Partner

Let us be your partner in reviewing your organization and putting a plan of action together. Our process discovery services take a deeper dive to connect your teams’ ideas, technical knowledge, and experience. The results are a strategic approach to where to get started and deploy your digital workforce. 

Process Discovery Services

Begin the automation journey by understanding how to identify which processes are ready for automation and the business outcome benefits you are trying to achieve. Process discovery begins with a discussion around the process(es) of interest to show potential automation within the department and organization. These conversations include your teams’ management stakeholders and, in some cases, process owners. 

The MCCi web-based assessment tools make these conversations interactive and engaging for everyone. MCCi conducts process discovery engagements at no cost to you.

Pilot Project Services

Pilot project services take you a few steps further in the evaluation process. A pilot process build serves as a sample of the application’s ability to interact and perform functions within your target application(s) in your IT environment. This build is not a production-ready build, but the objects and processes are beneficial to full-scale deployments. 

The pilot project cost includes the service time required, based on the process complexity and scope of work. It offers a 30-day free trial license for the process recording software and a digital worker to perform the automation. Ready to kickstart your project? Let’s schedule a time to discuss next steps!


What is a Process Discovery Engagement?

You know that things need to change, process improvements must happen, but where do you begin? Which solution do you choose? How do you know what to assess first? We have the answers.

This video discusses Intelligent Automation and walks through the steps needed to assess processes to show you starting points that make sense for your organization. Topics covered:

  • Overview of Intelligent Automation
  • Types of Processes & Tasks to Automate
  • A Digital Worker in Action
  • Process Discovery & Analysis


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