Identifying Business Processes Suitable for Automation

businessman touching interface

We see more and more the importance and benefit of automating internal business processes to create operational savings and improve productivity. Our economic state and the continued transition to working remotely, prove the importance of implementing automation with the help of digital workers.

However, it can be a challenging task to identify which processes are right for robotic process automation.

Here are a few areas to consider that will help with identifying and prioritizing the proper use cases:

Understand the importance of human workers.

There are tasks digital workers cannot handle. Humans are skilled at decision-making, handling uncertainty, emotion-based scenarios, and sorting unstructured data. Digital workers excel at repetition, routine, and can scale significantly.

Is the case worth automating?

Automating a process should have a positive impact on the business and its people. You should see a reduction in costs, time savings, accuracy in output, and the elimination of manual effort.

Can you identify the process from start to finish?

It’s crucial to consider every step. The business case should be a rules-based process, with a strict set of steps. The process can be clearly defined, happens the same way each time, uses structured data and doesn’t require human interaction. The high transaction, repetitive tasks are those to consider.

You need full buy-in and support.

You need full buy-in and support from your organization and those involved in the process to accurately identify the benefits of the automation and each of the process steps. Your internal team can use this opportunity to make improvements and changes to the process.

Automation with the use of digital workers can be incredibly beneficial and cost-effective.

It’s time to embrace it.

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