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Laserfiche Mobile App:
6 Popular Use Cases

Laserfiche is most commonly associated with its desktop or web-based application. But the Laserfiche mobile app (available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store) helps you carry out key functions on the go.

While not all Laserfiche modules are available in the app (who would want to design a workflow from a mobile phone anyway?), users with the correct permissions can access the core functionalities of the Repository and Forms.

Let’s look at the top 6 use cases of the Laserfiche mobile app.

1. Inspections – Upload Pictures

Our clients’ most popular use of the Laserfiche app is inspections—from capital improvement project sites to liquor stores!

Without the app, an inspector might need to undergo a lengthy process to upload pictures to the correct place (email to themselves, return to the office to download the photos, then re-upload them onto a shared drive). Then they might need to type up handwritten notes into a PDF or other document.

With the app, the inspector can take pictures of the site with a phone or tablet. From there they can upload them directly into the repository, or more often into a form that’s specific to the type of inspection you’re performing. All the information is captured at once, with no need to finalize paperwork at the office.

Read about the Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Controls use of the Laserfiche mobile app to capture inspection information.

2. Incident Reports & Casework – Upload Audio Files

Law enforcement officials, social workers, and others may need to document interactions that occurred in the field. There’s no need to wait until they return to the office (and potentially forget details in the meantime) or take notes by hand (and hope they can read their own writing).

Documentation can be submitted into a form right from the Laserfiche mobile app. Some agencies have even designed forms that allow for audio uploads so workers can record notes while driving. 

Learn how the Westminster, Colorado Police Department accurately captures data in the Laserfiche mobile app for complex state reporting needs.

3. Admin Tasks on the Go

Even users who would typically work from an office (or home office) can benefit from the convenience of the Laserfiche mobile app. You can access your inbox, read documents, and complete tasks like approvals or signatures. This helps keep processes moving along while you’re on a business trip or even while waiting for an oil change!

In the mobile repository, your recent, frequent, and starred documents appear first for easy access to what you’re most likely to need.

4. Employee Onboarding Paperwork

Simplify the onboarding process for new employees. Rather than having them submit a photocopy or bring in their original driver’s license, social security card, etc., the Laserfiche app makes it easy for them to take and upload photos of important documents.

Learn how the City of Coppell, Texas improved their onboarding processes by integrating Laserfiche with NEOGOV.

5. Expense Reimbursement

Just like a site inspector, someone filling out an expense reimbursement often must take a photo on a mobile device, then email it, then upload it to a form. The mobile app allows users to upload a photo of a receipt or invoice, taking out the middleman—and a large chunk of the headache from this task. Administrators can set up forms with easy drop-down menus to make submitting expense reimbursements a breeze.

6. Scanning

If you’ve got a large amount of scanning to do, a traditional scanner is probably still your best bet. But there are times when it makes sense to use the Laserfiche app instead, for instance:

  • One-off projects in a department that doesn’t typically need a scanner
  • Documents that are too large or fragile to go through a scanner
  • Scanning documents away from the office

Taking a picture in “Document” mode detects the edges of the document to crop it automatically. From there, you can:

  • Name the document
  • Crop, rotate, or adjust color
  • Store it in the correct location in the repository
  • Perform OCR on any text on the document
  • Add other metadata


Yes, you can use offline mode to:

  • Access documents that you have previously downloaded to your device
  • Fill out forms which will be submitted when you are back online.

No, creating and modifying workflows is not a feature currently available in the Laserfiche mobile app.

Yes, you can use previously created workflows to assign run business processes, assign tasks, and send reminders just as you would from the desktop or cloud environment.

Yes. However, if your Laserfiche instance is self-hosted, you may need to be connected either to your organization’s local network or VPN before opening the app.