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The City of Coppell Accelerates Onboarding with Laserfiche-NEOGOV Integration

The HR (Human Resources) team at the City of Coppell, TX, was overwhelmed by manual onboarding tasks. They handled hiring through NEOGOV, but past that there was a long checklist for HR to complete: creating digital files, storing applications, running background checks, completing endless forms, notifying IT and other departments.

But they were facing a talent shortage economy, and they didn’t want to frustrate new hires with a clunky onboarding process.

Assistant Director of Enterprise Solutions Josh Litrell and Systems Administrator Vineela Mandapati suspected that this, like many of their bottlenecks, could be solved with Laserfiche. This extensible Content Services Platform (CSP) does more than just manage records. It acts as the backbone of the City’s IT operations—connecting platforms, automating processes, and streamlining workflows in their Public Safety, Library, Internal Services, Finance, and other departments.

They approached MCCi, their Laserfiche solution provider, to explore options. Together, they decided to integrate Laserfiche with two NEOGOV modules, Insight and Onboard, and automate as much of the onboarding process as possible using Workflows.

Implementing the Laserfiche Integration

The MCCi team moved quickly, taking only 3-4 weeks from discovery to go-live of the implementation.

“MCCi was very knowledgeable and took the time to really talk with our HR team and understand what their challenges were. They made good suggestions for the metadata and templates. It was a very pleasant experience.”

Return on Investment & Results of the Laserfiche + NEOGOV integration

Once completed, the Laserfiche integration with NEOGOV not only sped up the City’s onboarding processes, but reduced errors and inconsistencies—saving time and headaches down the line. 



After a candidate was selected, files had to be manually renamed and transferred into the correct personnel files 

Laserfiche Workflow automatically creates personnel folder structures, renames documents, and stores them correctly 

Manual checklists for onboarding steps caused delays

Items move quickly and seamlessly through Workflows

Inconsistent file names

Templates ensure that documents follow naming conventions

Incomplete metadata

Robust metadata added automatically for easy search and retrieval

In addition to NEOGOV, Coppell also implemented OneSpan Sign. This allows documents to be signed online and stored in Laserfiche rather than having to be printed, signed in person, and scanned. These platforms work together to streamline and simplify their entire onboarding process—creating a better experience for both HR and their new employees.

If youre facing a bottleneck with onboarding new employees, contact us today to get started on integrating your NEOGOV system with Laserfiche. Your organization can maximize efficiencykeeping both your HR team and your new hires happy!