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Why the End-User Experience Can Make or Break Your Solutions

woman sitting at desk with laptops and desktop

It’s a story that we hear time and time again. Your organization has a problem. Employees are directed to find a solution. They research vendors and products and pick one. The product rolls out and the usage is not fully embraced or it’s only used to a certain degree. Why? The bottom line: end-users do not like the solution. Sound familiar?

Why is this, and why do organizations continue to repeat this vicious cycle? There are multiple reasons solutions are not fully adapted – some are that simple adjustments need to be made, but some are fundamental issues. The fundamental issues boil down to one thing: not thinking of the end-user’s experience. You want your end-users to have favorable experiences so their jobs are made easier. As a decision-maker you must consider the end-user experience, not just the cheapest solution for future use, which can make your employees jobs more difficult.

As your organization modernizes your legacy systems, adopting a user-friendly Content Services solution is critical.

Content Services platforms like our Laserfiche solution provide endless use case opportunities, so there’s a possibility that you can eliminate other applications in use, creating less friction for your end-users accessing multiple systems.

What is Content Services?

Content Services is the evolution of document management, content management, records management, and business process automation all rolled into one enterprise platform.

Automation tools streamline processes from start to finish, with reporting, bottlenecks, and analytics for transparency to management, as well as content management for file storage and sharing records electronically. Leading solutions have a modern UX to give users the same experience we have all become accustomed to through our devices. Speaking of devices, there are mobile apps to participate in business processes and view records on the go, like while you are helping your child with distance learning as many of us are doing now!

As organizations adapt to the new normal and long-term plans for remote work, it’s imperative to have a user-friendly solution that can stretch your budget constraints as we all adjust to the COVID-19 effects.