ECM Transforms Organizations.

With your documents and information in a vast number of systems, formats, and locations, the workplace can feel chaotic and unorganized. By implementing our Enterprise Content Management software, you can begin to centralize information and improve business processes. Designed for the highest overall usability, your staff will enjoy working with Laserfiche and utilizing its powerful features to improve efficiency. Our ECM/CSP software can help you innovate in every functional area, even if you have older legacy systems. Capture, secure, search, integrate and automate processes with our solution today!

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Complete
    Document Management

  • Business
    Process Automation

  • System

  • Compliance
    & Security Features

See how ECM can transform your organization.

Centralized Content Management

Laserfiche is a flexible, proven enterprise content services platform (CSP) that can improve your organization’s efficiency. Designed for ease-of-use, your staff will appreciate the opportunity to work with the powerful features that enable them to improve the organization’s overall performance. Laserfiche brings innovation to the table at every functional level of your business, even if you have older legacy systems.

In addition to its core document management features, Laserfiche offers electronic Forms, Workflow, Quick Fields, Capture, Redaction, Annotations, and other tools that automate business processes.

How We Help

  • Analyze Business Processes
  • Build Electronic Forms & Workflow
  • Develop System Architecture
  • Generate Reports
  • Implement Records Management Retention
  • Integrate with Other Business Systems
  • Offer IT Support & Professional Services
  • Organize Data, Paper & Electronic Documents
  • Provide Advance Search Capabilities
  • Train Staff & Admins Onsite or Online
  • Scan Back Files, Small & Large Formats
  • Set Up Desktop, Mobile & Web Access

The Power of Records Management and Workflow Spread Citywide in Georgetown, TX

Laserfiche implementation reduced the amount of time spent manually entering data by 33% and saved $82,000 in resources.