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Laserfiche: The Backbone of Cabarrus County Operations

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Cabarrus County, North Carolina, is home to a variety of thriving industries, from bioscience to motorsports, and is located 19 miles from Charlotte. With a population of 206,000, the county government began looking for new approaches to digitizing and managing document storage to save time and maximize efficiency.

Laserfiche was the ideal solution, but they needed professional services to customize and train for for their specific needs. That is when they turned to MCCi, their Laserfiche Solution Provider to configure Laserfiche to accomplish their goals. 

From human resources forms to expense reports, Laserfiche is now the backbone of its operations across all departments. With customized Laserfiche workflows, the county is sorting forms by the department and manages physical security forms, used whenever a supervisor requests an employee’s video footage or badge logs.

The county is also using Laserfiche to streamline and enhance employee recognition. They simply enter information about employees who have gone above and beyond in their jobs, and the logging database analyzes their performance over time.

“If the employee has not yet received recognition for that quarter, we give them an award in PDF form that the head of the department has digitally signed.”

Mark has done such a good job leading the charge of implementing these changes in Cabarrus County that he was recognized with MCCi’s Excellence Award in Process Improvement.

“One of the great things about Laserfiche and the Laserfiche workflows is how easy it is to integrate with third-party systems,” he said. “With MCCi’s help, we have made significant and impactful changes in our systems.”

Cabarrus County now has over 25 departments using Laserfiche, with 75 percent of the employees accessing the system daily. The county was recognized by the Center for Digital Government for the last several years and has won multiple Laserfiche Run Smarter awards for digital transformation and government innovation.  

Their next goal, currently in active development, is to integrate Laserfiche into Microsoft Teams to make their workflow even more efficient. 

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