Expedite Building Permits

Going to the building department should be easy and shouldn’t require citizens to clear their schedules. Paper forms and applications make the task more difficult for contractors and citizens as well as the building department staff. When you provide online applications, lines are shorter and everyone is happier. Our solutions can help eliminate paper, drastically improve efficiency, and help your staff be more productive. In addition to online applications, we can help you centralize and organize all of your plans, permits, and other documents so searching and retrieving takes seconds.

Key Solution Features Include:

  • Access
    documents anywhere

  • Online
    forms for the public

  • Business
    application integrations

How We Help

  • Automated Filing and Naming Workflow Configuration
  • Electronic Forms Configuration Services
  • Accela and Energov Integration
  • Scanning Services

Paperless Permitting and Building Inspections Expedite Growth in Brunswick County, N.C.

Driving to the county's permit office was frustrating to both builders and homeowners.