Permit Applications & Processes

When you provide online applications, business process workflows can kick-off a series of tasks for your department providing a contactless and efficient experience.

Paperless Document Management Solutions
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MCCi Solution

Contactless and Efficient CX.

Paper-based forms and applications make filing for building permits more difficult for contractors, citizens, and your staff. Stop the paper from the very beginning to drastically improving efficiency and empowering your staff to be more productive. In addition to offering online applications, we can help you centralize and organize all plans, permits, and other documents. Gain instant access to digital records!


Why Choose Our Document Management Solution?

Below you will find features and capabilities you can receive by implementing our content management platform. It’s easy to see why we are industry leaders by enabling organizations like yours to work in paperless environments!

Digitize Physical Content

Paper, Microfilm, Microfiche, Minute Books, Blueprints, Surveys

Train Best Practices

We teach you the right way, so you can improve efficiency quickly.

Integrate with ERP Systems

We integrate seamlessly with your ERP systems.

Analyze Business Processes

This isn’t a once-size-fits-all solution. We tailor our services for your unique needs.

Professional Services

Our customer success team is here to customize your system every step of the way!

Migrate Legacy Systems

Retiring older systems can be an overwhelming experience. We make data transfers seamless.

Enterprisewide Learning

Our Training Center can empower your team to utilize the tools at hand with ease.

Create BPA

Automating cumbersome operations elevates your team to new levels of productivity.



Implementing Laserfiche allowed Osceola County Sheriff’s Department to streamline their business processes beyond a filing cabinet into business process automation.

“Our HR department used to have a filing room that was fireproof, and now all files are scanned in directly to Laserfiche. Our recruiting department used to only accept printed paper applications that you either had to come in to fill out or you could print from home. They were receiving around 50 applications a month with that system. The first month we implemented the online application, the applicants tripled, reaching up to 800 applications in one month alone,” said Glasscock.


See What Our Clients Say

“Almost the entire [permitting] online application was built in Laserfiche Forms, the only thing we added was a little CSS styling and some minor JavaScript, but 99 percent of it was built with the tools in Forms. It’s a very simple wizard — you go in and select which options you want to display and under what conditions. We don’t have to worry about people getting confused and wondering if certain questions are relevant to them or not. That really bought us a lot of goodwill with our builders. They saw us listening, they saw us doing what they wanted, so they were a lot more willing to work with us.”

– Michael Read, deputy MIS director, Brunswick County