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Digital Workers Have Arrived

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The deployment of a Digital Worker (aka software robot) is becoming more and more mainstream in today’s modern work environment. According to Gartner, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) grew by 60% in 2018, by 80% in 2019, and projected to grow another 80%-100% in 2020. The year-over-year growth speaks to how the Digital Workforce has arrived and is growing at a rapid rate.

Contributing to such a fast growth rate is that Digital Workers automates millions of transactions while returning hundreds of thousands of hours into the business for a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Most organizations report an ROI within the first 9-16 months and experiencing an even shorter ROI when working with professional services organizations to deploy.

What’s involved incorporating digital workers into your day to day operation? It starts with process discovery.

Process Discovery is a brief session to review of the process under consideration for automation. From that discovery, you will identify which processes are suitable for RPA and the potential savings the Digital Workforce can bring to your organization.

MCCi has ramped up our technical RPA expertise, established best practices for deployment, and successfully implemented Digital Workers for both the commercial and government sectors.

Are you interested in learning more about implementing digital workers within your organization? Let’s start the conversation!


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