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How a Manufacturer Deployed Remote Access for All

Construction worker on laptop while in the field


“We implemented Laserfiche to instantly retrieve documentation from our field employees. Of our roughly 650 employees globally, about 500 of them are in the field in teams of one to three at a time. We created a custom integration for status updates, even when they don’t have internet access, to ensure they have access to up-to-date documentation at all times. This implementation allowed us to jump-start this era with working from home.”

HR used Laserfiche to completely digitize all of our employee records, and we’re working on a number of additional integrations on top of that in order to streamline the HR process, which  especially now being distributed and not having the ability to walk from department to department with approvals, etc., that’s become more and more critical for us in our business model.”

Did you have a Business Continuity Plan?

“Our business does have a Business Continuity Plan, and I’m not privy to all of the details. I know that even in the worst of times, with two feet of snow freshly fallen, there’s a skeleton crew that was able to make it into the office to keep things running. This was a little unforeseen for us not being able to keep our critical staff in the office at all times. It presented a challenge that even though we had planned for business continuity, we weren’t prepared. Laserfiche helped us overcome that fairly quickly and easily.”

How did Laserfiche fit into that process of moving staff to remote work?

“With Laserfiche, we had a few things going on simultaneously in order to make this happen. First, we documented a few processes which we always had, but never had documented in order to make sure they were widely accessible, including the use of a couple of different video conferencing tools that we have, and a number of other tools that we had to make working remote easier. We made sure that they were controlled within Laserfiche and available to our employee base through the various ways that they can access it. That really helped our transition significantly, and was something that, within a couple of hours of each request, we were able to have done and move on to the next one from start of our documentation on through the completion of its deployment into the field and to the office.”

How has efficiency changed compared to life before Laserfiche?

“All our managers and employees have access to Laserfiche. First and foremost, it gave our managers the ability to quickly search and find something with OCR documents. That documentation would normally be in their desk drawer. We also use workflows to share the file and to push out to our shared drives with controlled versions for our general population, who don’t currently have access and only need read-only versions. We’re working on getting them Laserfiche licenses, but in the meantime that has been a huge helper in being able to make our documents accessible to everyone at all times by use of our VPN and Laserfiche.”

What challenges did you face with remote work and limited staff in the office?

“Every 12 or 13 weeks, we have a new group of between 20 and 30 people come in for new-hire training to do our work in the field. We’re expecting to have about to have 25 of them starting and the difference is that they can’t come into the office. Our on-boarding process is still paper-based. We are working on bootstrapping that quickly into an automated process, which will help us eliminate double, triple, and even quadruple keying of data, and make it so that all the people in the process who need to provide computers, personal protective equipment, and various training and have interactions with them – they’ll get that done in remote training. They’ll do it in a web conference similar in the way that we’re doing it now and we are automating that process ensuring that things won’t fall through the cracks for each and every one of them.

We are also working towards automating our contract approval process, in order to make sure that, again, nothing falls through the cracks, it gets handed-off to the appropriate people, and we don’t leave risks or liability on the table with them.”

What do you want to share with someone evaluating Laserfiche?

“The biggest thing with Laserfiche is that it’s so easy to develop things quickly and easily. With a quick meeting with one of our stakeholders, I can develop what they’re looking for to get it out there. Initially, just get the functionality out there, get it adopted, get it used, and then make yourself available to improve. In these times working remotely, it’s important to get the functionality out there. Fast is good. Don’t let best be the enemy of better! Just keep pushing and keep doing your best. The [Laserfiche] tools are great. MCCi has outstanding support if you need it, and use the resources at your availability.”

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