Automation allows manufacturing to reduce the time spent on costly manual tasks and focus on mission-critical work.

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Drive Productivity with Lean Business Processes.

Without the right technology in place, managing orders, safety, compliance, quality control, accounts payable, and employee productivity will suffer as your manufacturing business grows. Using automation to capture, distribute, process, and report data across operations optimizes business processes and reduces operating costs by making information accessible and secure.


Growing Manufacturers Automate Processes.

It’s easy to see why growing manufacturing companies like yours choose to work in paperless environments!

Order Paperwork

Stop the paper trail and emails from the start.

Accounts Payable

Increase efficiency with an end-to-end, streamlined process.

Accounts Payable

Quality Control

Inspect and document all product quality control issues.

Quality Control

Compliance & Safety Control

Reduce operating costs across the company, and maintain accountability and a safe environment for you staff.

Compliance & Safety Control



What started as a simple way to provide information to their field technicians turned into a complete digital transformation within their organization.

“We needed to get up-to-date documentation to our shop floor and field service employees as well as make sure it was accurate and up to date at all times. Out of our 650 employees, roughly 500 are in the field in teams of one to three people at a time,” said John.

Although the field teams have mobile hotspots, it doesn’t always do the trick. So, we built out a workflow that pushes to a cloud service that monitors everything with given tags. We also took it a step further and built an integration to ensure that even if they don’t have an internet connection, the information will update locally on their laptop.

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