We are fanatical about our clients success and passionate about crushing goals, especially innovative ones! In 2010, MCCi established the Excellence Awards to create an opportunity to celebrate success with others. 

If the past few months have taught us anything, we need to prepare for the unexpected. We stand proudly next to our clients as they clear a pathway through the chaos and leverage technology to transform the way they work. Now more than ever, we love our jobs. While none of us can predict the future, we must remember to celebrate success even during challenging times.  

These organizations exhibited innovative strategies for process or technology challenges this year amidst COVID-19, civil unrest, or natural disasters. Every year we run the Excellence Awards to recognize our clients. They often continue their celebration by applying for a coveted Laserfiche Run Smarter® Award.  


We are pleased to announce the winners of this years Excellence Awards: 


Cabarrus County, North Carolina, implemented a Laserfiche Forms process to replace its in-person VSO process for veteran benefits. 

Charlottesville Commissioner of Revenue, Virginia, deployed several COVID relief forms including but not limited to Housing Affordability Grant application, Real Estate Tax Relief auditing, Rent Relief application and auditing, and customer document submission. 

Georgetown, Texas, eliminated their dependence on paper forms and rapidly employed several electronic forms to assist in social-distancing efforts such as the Pet Adoption application and Lost Pet form. 

Grapevine, Texas, used hyperautomation to efficiently and accurately track COVID-19 related purchases, payroll, donations, and equipment usage for necessary FEMA reporting.  

Union County, North Carolina leveraged Laserfiche for their telecommuting transition and implemented applications to assist their citizens, such as COVID Small Business Grants and Water and Sewer Service. 

Virginia Beach City Public Schools eliminated paper from their business processes by implementing Laserfiche as their content services solution. Engaging in the digital transformation process allowed them to create streamlined workflows for many departments including human resources, accounts payable, travel and reimbursement, school leadership and risk management.”

Westminster, Colorado law enforcement agency rapidly deployed an electronic form to meet the newly signed Law Enforcement Integrity and Accountability Act’s reporting requirementsThe bill requires officers to collect specific data related to police contacts. The city is one of the first agencies to adapt and streamline this new requirement. 

Thank you to everyone who applied for an award this year. We will have more success stories to share soon – check out our Client Stories to see how our clients work smarter with our content services management solutions. 

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