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Laserfiche is Making an Impact for Social Services

Contributor: Brian Sabin, Senior Solutions Architect, MCCi

Instant Access to Critical Information is Key.

Social Services agencies (DSS) have worked with MCCi for close to 10 years now, and it has been an incredible opportunity to see how DSS offices are transforming the way they digitize case records for benefits administrations – including SNAP (Food Stamps), TANF (temporary assistance for needy families), and Medicaid.

In Virginia alone, more than 15 agencies leverage the Laserfiche content services platform to transition from a space-consuming, inefficient, paper-based filing system to a paperless, secure, and highly efficient digital records solution. Most have specific records retention policies they must adhere to by law.

Laserfiche, with its DoD 5015.2 Certified Records Management feature, is a perfect fit to support agencies with their compliance requirements. The robust security features allow fraud investigators to compile and manage their investigation files, without risking privacy violations. Agencies also route data internally as cases move from eligibility determination to ongoing casework. Laserfiche Workflow is a powerful feature that enables processes to be automated – allowing agencies to evolve and become more streamlined, ultimately providing an improved customer service experience.

I have worked in technology solutions throughout my entire career, and I love to innovate! That is one of the main reasons I enjoy building solutions for our clients. It is robust, secure, and scalable to meet the needs of growing demand. The software is flexible and powerful enough to quickly deploy transformative, innovative solutions for a wide range of business challenges, involving complex workflows and system integrations. Sometimes though, it is the simpler things that have the most significant impact.

For social service agencies, The real value of Laserfiche is having instant access to critical information.

Social Services state departments recognize the need to be innovators, providing technology solutions for local agencies within their state. Their primary activities include benefits administration, and management of services, including Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, CSA, and Foster Care.

The challenge is that many one-size-fits-all solutions chosen at the state level do not address the pain points felt at the local level. As caseload demands increasingly exceed staff capacity, and they continue to remain buried in ineffective paperwork processes, there is zero chance of keeping up without the ability to store electronic records.

Laserfiche will not change the increasing demand for services, but it can absolutely allow them to scale with the growing demand. Agencies that have taken the Laserfiche leap have instant access to crucial information that was formerly buried in file cabinets, desks, or lost due to the fast-paced day in the life of a social worker.

When I speak with DSS leadership, as well as staff members about how Laserfiche can completely transform their offices, I frequently hear them say that they simply do not have time to scan documents. Their caseload is way too high, and they cannot keep up. The thought of adding even more tasks becomes a showstopper, and I certainly understand their concern. However, it is worth the effort! 

Every agency that fully embraces Laserfiche as it’s content services management solution gains efficiencies across the entire organization that they did not anticipate or even think possible.

Laserfiche has, without a doubt, made a positive impact in our agency, saving us valuable time each day due to instant access of information at our fingertips that we would have physically tracked down before. We believe in the power of Laserfiche!

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