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What is Intelligent Automation?

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Intelligent automation (IA) is a combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, which empowers rapid business process automation and accelerates digital transformation.

An organization can implement IA throughout its entire automation journey from discovery to optimization. IA presents many opportunities enterprise-wide to leverage a whole host of different technologies, such as:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ultimately, the goal is to incorporate these components into your day-to-day activities. Reimagine your business processes by integrating technology, workflow, and people. But, how do you accomplish this? We broke this process down into three phases for you to consider:


The initialized phase is comprised of the creation and task assignment process. Additionally, there may be data handling and validation taking place during this phase.


After creation and task assignments are complete, the processing of that particular case or task needs to occur. This may include dealing with internal applications, holds and exceptions routing for approvals, and more.


The third phase of an intelligently automating process is the archival phase. This phase allows you to consider the generation of reports, reconciliation on accounts payable claims, etc. Multiple steps may be involved in your organization’s archival process, such as storing documents for the long term, data retrieval, or audit logs.