State Agency Provides Efficiency Gains for IT Services With Laserfiche

State Agency Provides Efficiency Gains for IT Services With Laserfiche

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Contributor: Cassie Lint, Web Posting & Application Support Engineer, Idaho Information Technology Services Agency (ITS)

The Idaho Information Technology Services Agency (ITS) won the 2021 MCCi Innovator Award for its focus on providing tools for efficiency gains within IT services across state agencies. Those tools enable ITS to focus on state agencies’ core missions rather than getting bogged down in IT help.

The Web Posting and Application Support Engineer, Cassie Lint, and her team work in the division of ITS responsible for providing support for applications installed on the state’s servers. Users access the applications on a web-based portal. Currently, ITS supports more than 50 agencies and more than 100 applications.

One of the applications they support is Laserfiche. Cassie says her ongoing relationship with Laserfiche started by accident. “My co-worker was supposed to build a Laserfiche Form, but he didn’t have any experience with CSS or HTML, so I took over that project and built that process,” she said. “After that, it spiraled out from just an initial form to an integrated process between three different departments and having multiple forms and workflows.”

To date, Cassie says she built more than 100 forms and processes, and she supports each one of those. “If you are building your processes, you need to understand how they work individually and in the system as a whole because they might be affecting other people’s processes, and you have to be able to troubleshoot them.”

They are excited to work on enterprise architecture in Laserfiche that will allow even more agencies to take advantage of the technology.

“The plan is, if you have a smaller agency that wants a form process or to save their documents in the repository, they don’t have to purchase the entire Laserfiche suite.”

This innovation allows those agencies to:

  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Limit resources required for additional training
  • Implement software in a fraction of the time

What is the biggest challenge Cassie faces in serving her agencies? “I’ve run into IT staff who don’t know their business process,” she said. “I am a big proponent of the more you plan and work on the planning phase, the less trouble you’ll have when building it in the development phase.”

“Things change daily, monthly, and yearly, so we want to make sure the automated processes we build for the agencies continue to grow and evolve as their business needs do. So we clarify that we are here to support them – we’re not just dropping it and running.”