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Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures Imagine eliminating courier services and the need for scanning and indexing paper forms and signature pages. Digital signatures are the electronic version of traditional “wet” signatures and proven to speed up signature turnaround times. Request a Quote MCCi Solution Never Search for Ink Pens Again. Adopting digital signature technology within your organization allows …

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A flexible, proven, document management and content services platform.

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System Integrations

Centralize operations and increase productivity by integrating your digital content with other applications.

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Scanning Services

Lose the paper, keep the data. Hassle-free Laserfiche scanning services.

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Content Services

Centralize information & automate business processes with Laserfiche.

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UiPath As the future of work continues to evolve, robotic process automation (RPA) can save countless hours of repetitive tasks, resulting in your employees having the freedom to take on new challenges. Schedule a Consultation TECHNOLOGY PARTNER Stop Mundane Work Burnout Free your talented team to do work that excites them. The UiPath platform carries out …

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Grant Application Management

Grant Application Management The complexities of grant management get simplified with a centralized process and document management solution for your organization’s grant life cycle. Get Started MCCi Solution What is Grant Management? Grant management is all the administrative work that goes into issuing and managing applications, using and fulfilling the requirements of a grant. It …

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Unemployment ID Verification

The Best Unemployment ID Verification GovTech Solution You now have tools at your fingertips to accomplish tedious tasks in an efficient manner – say hello to your digital workforce. Request a Quote OPERATE. RESPOND. SERVE. Increased Demand Forces Modernization of Processes. The American Rescue Plan set aside $2 Billion to solve a major problem we …

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation Add intelligence to your processes to enable a systematic approach to discovering more enterprise automation opportunities. Unlock the Possibilities MCCi Solution Stop Working in Siloes The future of work is here. Many organizations have used siloed solutions to help solve specific problems. From departmental document management systems and workflow in their ERP to …

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Streamline your public records request process.

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Consulting Services

Hyperautomation Consultants Lean on us for all aspects of professional services to fast track your digital transformation. Let’s Get Started MCCi SERVICES Every step you take, we’ll be there. Our consulting team is an agile partner ready to accomplish end to end services or augment your staff. Strategic clients collaborate with us as an extension …

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We Turn the Wrenches for You Our solution experts custom design your digital transformation solution to fit your needs. Let’s Get Started MCCi SERVICES Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us! With 20 years of business process automation experience, our solution experts configure your solution to fit your specific needs and see your project through to …

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Blue Prism

Expedite the initial value gained from an RPA initiative


ABBYY Digital Intelligence ABBYY transforms how companies manage processes to drive value through document capture, digitization and management. ​ Schedule a Consultation TECHNOLOGY PARTNER Intelligent Data Capture for Smarter Decisions ABBYY develops intelligent technologies that empower enterprises, and allow workers to achieve greater efficiency, accelerate decision-making, and drive revenue. ABBYY technologies integrate across the entire …

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OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign OneSpan Sign balances ease-of-use with the highest levels of security and compliance to deliver a risk-free digital signature solution for all your business needs. Imagine a Streamlined Process TECHNOLOGY PARTNER A Proven Digital Signature Provider with a Best-in-Class Experience. As a leading digital signature solution, OneSpan Sign has a broad knowledge of automating …

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Accounts Payable

Reduce inefficiencies, errors, and costs associated with manual invoice processing.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Azure Government delivers a dedicated cloud enabling government agencies and organizations to transform mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Start Your Cloud Journey TECHNOLOGY PARTNER Azure Government Delivers Breakthrough Innovation. Microsoft Azure Government uses the same underlying technologies as global Azure, which includes the core components of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Both …

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Improving business process automation through the acceleration of digital transformation by adding intelligence to your processes. Get Started MCCi Solution Human Intelligence and Machine Learning – A Winning Combination. Machine Learning is an evolving technology – understanding that is critical to realizing its value. Read About Intelligent Document Processing HOW IT WORKS Types …

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